Welcome to my F1 Diecast Model Collection

Welcome to my Diecast Model Collection, I trust you find it as interesting as I do. There are now over 300 models in my F1 Collection and they are all on this website. I have been a fan of Formula 1 since the mid 70’s, when a John Player Special was a racing car and not just a cigarette brand. In addition, Martini Brabham’s were screaming around the streets of Monte-Carlo and the “Anytime, Any Place, Any Where” TV Ad’s were common place.

As a result this ignited my early interest in design and branding along with building my Diecast Model Collection.

The Collection

Being a Designer and Photographer, I recently set to and photographed all of my Diecast Model Collection and this Catalogue Website is the result. You can use the links on the right-hand side or menu across the top to see the cars. You can search by: Driver, Teams, Years, Brands and World Champions. There are still several additions to be made which will be added over time.

Hope you enjoy looking at my Diecast Model Collection, feel free to make any Comments and add a Review to the Individual Cars.

My all-time favourite is the Spark Ligier JS5 – the most expensive car I ever purchased.

1976 - Jacques Laffite Ligier JS5 Teapot - Spark

1/12th scale Tamiya

My very first F1 model car was this one. The 1/12th scale Tamiya John Player Special Lotus 72D as driven by Emerson Fittipaldi. World Champion in 1972. Over the years I had numerous others. Christmas & Birthdays were always exciting times.

Tamiya JPS Lotus 72D

Onyx Models were the 1st range of cars I purchased back in the late 80’s early 90’s. The Alain Prost McLaren MP4/04, now looking a bit tired, was my initial purchase.

Onyx McLaren MP4/5 Prost Diecast Model Collection


The Olivier Panis Ligier JS43, Monaco 1996 Grand Prix Winner was the first Minichamps car for my Diecast Model Collection.

Minichamps Ligier JS43 - Panis Diecast Model Collection

Up until the launch of the Formula 1 Car Collection in 2016, all of my old cars had been packed away. Looking at the list of proposed cars i the Formula 1 Car Collection, my interest was re-ignited and I started to look and see what else was available. In addition to the well-known Minichamps models, I had never heard of Spark Models before and in no time at all my collection was growing rapidly.

F1 Transporter Trucks

F1 Car Collection McLaren Transporter Truck
F1 Car Collection Ferrari Transporter Truck
F1 Car Collection Arrows Transporter Truck
F1 Car Collection Jordan Transporter Truck
F1 Car Collection Benetton Transporter Truck
F1 Car Collection Arrows Transporter Truck

F1 Team Features

Canon Williams Honda F1 Logo

Over the next few months I will be adding a number of my favourite F1 Team pages. The 1st is Equipe Ligier Gitanes, featuring Jacques Laffite, Patrick Depailler and Didier Pironi.

Other team are likely to be Marlboro McLaren and JPS Lotus. Click here to see more.

Nelson Piquet No:6
Nelson Piquet No:6

Minichamps Models (see all here)

Spark Models (see all here)

Lendas Brasileiras do Automobilismo (see all)

F1 Car Collection Models (see all here)

  Top 5 F1 Most Viewed Cars on this Website


Jack Brabham – Brabham BT19

Winning his 3rd World Championship in 1966, Jack Brabham became the first and to this day, only driver to win the F1 World Championship in a car baring his own name. But for some reliability issues he would have also won in 1967, the Championship going to team mate Denis Hulme.

It’s very interesting looking at the listing of most viewed cars. The Brabham BT19 especially one with the driver figure is a very sought after model, Spark making a version, which may be re-released at some time. Here is the link to the complete Top 30


1966 - Jack Brabham
1950 - Nino Farina


Nino Farina – Alfa Romeo 158

1997 - Damon Hill


Damon Hill – Arrows A18

1978 - Niki Lauda Brabham BT46 "fan car" - Panini - F1 Car Collection


Niki Lauda – Brabham BT46

2004 - Michael Schumacher Ferrari F2004 - Hot Wheels


Michael Schumacher – Ferrari F2004

Top 10 Number of Models for each Team

  • Ferrari – 59 Models
  • Williams – 37 Models
  • McLaren – 35 Models
  • Ligier – 25 Models
  • Lotus – 24 Models
  • Brabham – 20 Models
  • Tyrrell – 15 Models
  • Mercedes – 14 Models
  • Red Bull – 11 Models
  • Jordan – 10 Models


F1 Teams

World Champions

Model Brands

F1CC Tobacco Decals

Tobacco Decals

The regulations concerning Tobacco Advertising prevent a lot of model cars from displaying the original liveries. Some of the Early Onyx and Minichamps cars have the correct decals but these days there are just gaps were the branding appeared. With most Spark models, a separate sheet of decals is supplied with the model where appropriate.

Specialising in missing decals and driver conversions for F1CC models. Grand Prix Decals have made a set for the majority of the cars. For further details you can find them at www.facebook.com/GrandPrixDecals/  The eBay Shop is:  www.ebay.co.uk/str/grandprixdecals

Click on the images below to see the before and after of each car

  F1 World Champion Gallery

  This weeks Featured Cars: Fernando Alonso

  The Best places to buy from: in my opinion!

DHMI Motorsport Models

DHMI Motorsport

I first came across DMHI at an NEC Toy Fair and then again at the Sandown Park event. Helen has an extensive stock of Minichamps and Spark Models and her display at the shows is excellent. You’ll find the website at www.dhmi.co.uk/ and the eBay Store at www.ebay.co.uk/usr/dhmi 

Well worth a look, new cars are being added all the time.

P&P Racing

P&P Racing

Phil at P&P Racing was a recommendation from Spark Germany. I was after a Ligier JS17 for my F1 Diecast Model Collection and although he didn’t have that one I have purchased a number of models from them since. P&P attend the BP Toy Fairs at the NEC, Doncaster & Staffordshire. They also have a stunning display of Spark and Minichamps, the eBay shop is here.

A very helpful chap, well worth contacting or visiting his stand if you’re after something rare for your F1 Diecast Model Collection.

Red Twenty3

Formula Model Shop

Gavin at Formula Model Shop has a great stock of F1 Models and Memorabilia. The website is formulamodelshop.co.uk/ His service is excellent, my last purchase arriving a couple of days after ordering it. Quite often has great deals and special offers.

Along with DMHI, Red Twenty 3 are major contributors at Formula 1 Diecast Model Collectors on Facebook

St Martins Models

Diecast Legends

If you were ever in London a few years ago, between Leicester Square and Covent Garden, you had to visit St Martins Models. The shop and its predecessor just around the corner had been there for over 40 years. Sadly the shop is now closed but the models live on at Diecast Legends in Guildford. There is always plenty to see.

The website is www.diecastlegends.com which is their online shop.



This German based online store has an amazing range of products and great prices. For example, the Jenson Button McLaren I purchased from them came in at around £30.00 –  a fantastic saving.

The website is ck-modelcars.de

Car Model

Car Model

Car Model is an Italian online store, with an excellent selection of Diecast Models. You’ll find some of the F1 Auto Collection (Italian Set) here, along with an extensive selection of Brumm, Tameo, Altaya & Edicola Ferrari’s.

Here’s their website www.carmodel.com


BP Fairs

BP Fairs

Barry Potter Fairs (BP Fairs) run what I think are the biggest and best Toy Fairs in the UK. The NEC Birmingham show is the Britain’s Biggest Toy Fair with around 500 stalls. You’ll normally find DHMI & P&P there and I have always found numerous bargains. Sandown Park is another favourite. These and 7 other locations, mainly Midlands, are on 3 or 4 times a year.

Check out there website for further details: www.bpfairs.com/

Bulldog Fairs

Bulldog Fairs

Bulldog Fairs are found in the South West of England. The Show at Shepton Mallet is very good, being the biggest, followed by Exeter with about 200 stalls. Once again, I have usually picked up a number of bargains. With any Toy Fairs you have to look quite hard and have a rummage. Don’t worry if the cases are damaged, you can replace them. It’s the condition of the cars that’s important.

Here the website: www.bulldogfairs.com

Top 10 F1 World Champions

  • Michael Schumacher – 7 time F1 World Champion
  • Lewis Hamilton – 7 time F1 World Champion
  • Juan Manuel Fangio – 5 time F1 World Champion
  • Alain Prost – 4 time F1 World Champion
  • Sebastian Vettel – 4 time F1 World Champion
  • Jack Brabham – 3 time F1 World Champion
  • Jackie Stewart – 3 time F1 World Champion
  • Niki Lauda – 3 time F1 World Champion
  • Nelson Piquet – 3 time F1 World Champion
  • Ayrton Senna – 3 time F1 World Champion

Top 10 Drivers Never F1 World Champions

  • Max Verstappen – 19 Wins
  • Stirling Moss – 16 Wins
  • David Coulthard – 13 Wins
  • Carlos Reutemann- 12 Wins
  • Rubens Barrichello – 11 Wins
  • Felipe Massa – 11 Wins
  • Ronnie Peterson – 10 Wins
  • Gerhard Berger – 10 Wins
  • Valtteri Bottas – 10 Wins
  • Mark Webber – 9 Wins
  • Jacky Ickx – 8 Wins
  • Daniel Ricciardio – 8 Wins

F1 Auto Collection – Italy No: 101 – No: 120

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The Collection, built up over a number of years includes cars manufactured my Minichamps, Spark, Formula 1 Car Collection, Altaya, and other brands.